Here’s five worthwhile reasons to drink kombucha; 

1. Low-Sugar,  2. Gluten-Free 3. Alcohol-Free 4. Vegan-friendly AND 5. full of Gut-Friendly Goodness. 

It is also extremely tasty which is ultimately what we all deserve!

Curious Kombucha is an authentic living drink. We don’t pasturise, filter or add any nasties to our kombucha, preferring to respect the cultures which develop so we can benefit from the wholesome goodness in each bottle.

What are the benefits?

Sencha Green Tea contains catechins, antioxidants which can help prevent cell damage. This provides the base to our kombucha. Our Curiously unique culture of yeast and bacteria metabolises sucrose added at the start of fermentation creating gentle bubbles along with gut-friendly microbes which can aid digestion and enhance overall wellness..
It is commonly believed that the detoxifying nature of kombucha can encourage the body to heal itself therefore leading to a happier state of being. To date claims are mainly anecdotal, as kombucha gains in popularity hopefully more research will be done to clarify the benefits many people find within it.

How to drink it

Kombucha is extremely versatile. It makes for a sophisticated alcohol-free alternative, blends well to use as an interesting base for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and also boosts both body and brain for a healthy start to the day.
However you enjoy your kombucha is right for you there’s no such thing as the Drinks Police! We love hearing of the unusual ways it’s used, drop us a line and share your inventions!

Why Curious?

Our organic tea is sourced by an Ethical Tea Partnership Company. Our fruit and other flavourings are procured from like minded suppliers. The water we use is from the local spring just a few fields away from the brewery. We use glass bottles not only for their strength but also because they are easily recycled, the majority of our stockists will collect your empties to be washed, sterilised and reused at the brewery. Even our labels are provided by a carbon neutral company!
All this care and attention results, we believe, in a truly special drink, kind to the gut and the planet.

Our Kombucha range